Get the Champions League defeat to Juventus, Barcelona once again created the myth of the Triple Crown, after the game, “the daily sports newspaper,” commented Barca began to dominate Europe again, Rakitic, Suarez and Neymar’s goal, brought to Barcelona’s fifth Champions League trophy, but also to the team second time in history the myth of the creation of the Triple Crown. Barcelona again dominated most of Europe, a brilliant 10-year, Barcelona has got four Champions League trophy. Harvey took first career 25 club trophies perfect farewell, he put the team over to his successor so perfect Iniesta and Messi change history superstars hands.

“Marca” played “stand fifth Champions League trophy, another Triple Crown” in the title, said in Berlin the Champions League final, Barcelona’s fifth Champions League trophy conquered, but also created the myth of the Triple Crown. Generation of players can not be copied to the Barcelona’s fifth Champions League, club history second Triple Crown honor, which is unique milestone. Xavi, Pique, Iniesta, Messi is the second time to get the Triple Crown honor these players is the cornerstone of the Barcelona style, Barcelona now has been a golden character go down in history. And this team as well as world-class players Rakitic, Suarez, Neymar as a supplement. This is the annals of Barcelona, ​​also the annals of generation of players.

“Aspen” played “Barcelona win the Champions League trophy fifth seat” in the title, said Barcelona’s Fifth Symphony played in Berlin, won the fifth seat on the history of the Champions League trophy, second time in history to create the legendary Triple Crown This myth, only Barcelona it can repeat. Enrique has become a Barcelona legend, he led Barcelona re-found glory, and it seems the peak period will not expire immediately, because Messi and Iniesta continued to play. Messi did not score this time, but he is still the king of Barcelona, ​​the biggest driving force in the most difficult moments, he could play a role. Belongs to Barcelona’s fifth Champions League, also belongs to the legendary Barcelona.

“World Sports Daily” played “Barca hegemony” in the title, he said Barca won everything, completed a fantastic season, with four Champions League trophy to prove their dominance in the last 10 years. La Liga, King’s Cup, Champions League, treble, Barca play, experienced suffering, but also won the trophy twice a Triple Crown, which is unprecedented, only Barcelona can do it. Only Barcelona.

“ABC News” commented that Messi led Barcelona’s golden generation, Barca rely on a group of youth from the camp to become familiar with the players made history. Berlin’s Olympic Stadium in Barcelona success is one of the achievements of Barcelona’s golden generation. Block fifth Champions League trophy, it is icing on the cake of Barcelona in Spain and Europe in the last 10 years of rule. This unique group of players, so that football has become fantastic, Messi is their leader, and the Argentines will be the best player in history. Argentines in the last season has proved himself still fighting to remain in the top position for many years in the future, he wants to continue to win trophies, domination of world football. Harvey left the field and locker room location, will occupy a player Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta and Pique. They are the team’s oldest player, but still motivated. As long as Lionel Messi, Barcelona will be able to continue to make history, but Messi is without limits.