Relying on three pairs of Westbrook and Du triple-double, 119 more than 100 teams to beat the Raptors.

Durant played 37 minutes of the game 11 of 27 shots in 34 points and eight rebounds and eight assists, not inferior Westbrook 26 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists.

This is Durant 59 consecutive 20 +, continue to create their own scoring 20 + record. Perhaps Durant 20 points for now is simply so easy. Score as sharp half cut melon vegetable. It’s also the season Durant 23rd 30+.

Durant is no doubt the ability to score, plus a fourth in scoring, averaging 27.4 points a career is very telling. Durant skilled ball, quick change to the cross, an excellent shooting touch, can score from anywhere on the field. Almost no one capping his jumper.

Durant this season, averaging 28 points (third in the league); 8.3 rebounds (career high); 5.0 assists (career-high second); 28.1PER (second in the league). Experienced injuries last season, this season, Durant completely broke. No matter who the face of Durant always in place and the right way to help the team score.

“He is one of the most hard-working team, he assumed the responsibility of a leader, he knows how to help his teammates better, and he knows how to communicate his teammates.” Donovan said.

Many people are discussing substandard Durant and Westbrook between, but Durant and Westbrook interviews are praising each other, and how much fun when playing with each other and enjoy. Relations between Durant and Wei fewer can be described as follows: like you, those eyes moving, laughter more attractive, can Yuanzai, stroking you. Yes group is a pair of good friends. To believe Durant and Westbrook’s two-pronged approach will be all the teams in the league deadly.

Then we look forward to continuing to expand no solution Durant scoring models continue to lead the team to win, continue to impact his coveted championship.

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