In Saturday’s first round of the Premier League, Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal is possible to arrange Degea bench, and let the new aid Romero starter.

“Aspen” quoted the British media sources said that in the first round of the Premier League and Tottenham, Van Gaal plans to make De Gea bench. In the last warm-up match against Paris Saint-Germain, the performance of the Van Gaal Degea dissatisfaction, Spain goalkeeper of a mistake, let Paris scored the first goal.

Before Van Gaal has made it clear that “will debut against Tottenham “, but the media coverage was the opposite. According to reports, Van Gaal will make a decision within the next 48 hours, if the Degea completely into the bench.

It now appears that a critical determinant is the new state aid Romero, Manchester United in the summer to introduce the Argentine country, obviously have high hopes, if Romero in training good enough, Van Gaal may give him starting chance, and once the Argentine prove himself in the game, Manchester United in the face of De Gea will have more power, and may even make the bench he has been down. In Van Gaal’s temper, this may just be a start, he can Valdes arrived U21 team, once Romero “useful”, then bent to go there in favor of Degea Van Gundy, there may be idle on the bench a year.

But behind all this more complicated is that Manchester United executives is how to think. Let Degea take a year off the bench, Real Madrid on a free transfer next summer, will be a lose-lose outcome, even if the iron hand of Louis van Gaal at tough in the end, but for the club interests, the Red Devils level is probably more likely in the summer with an ideal The selling price Degea. From the transfer window closed, there are about a month, Manchester United and Real Madrid in a more tolerant than anyone else, if Van Gaal at this time to put Degea bench for Manchester United in price negotiations is unfavorable, so even ” Van iron fist “had this idea and determination, it will probably encounter resistance from an upper layer, can really put into practice, it is still unknown.