Inter Milan training camp in Brunico first warm summer ushered in the final 4 to 3 victory over the German C team Stuttgart Kickers. Palacio scored twice and hit the crossbar. Ica Jordi  the next city. Montoya and Hole Shakespeare staged the first show. Kicker second half Lianban three balls.

The two new signings in the squad, rent from Barcelona’s starting right-back Juan Pablo Montoya, wearing 14 jersey, Hole Shakespeare on the bench. Last season was the main striker configuration, Ica and Jordi Palacio partner, midfielder Nieuwpoort Curry get the chance, Danbu Rocio defense left.

The opening 131 seconds, Inter Milan midfielder caught the visiting team mistakes, restricted the right of Palacio advance far corner, 1-0. Kicker 8 minutes nearly tied, G- Muller edge of the area shot hit the left goal post rub. The first 10 minutes, Juan Houchangchangzhuan, Ica extraordinary Jordi left rib cage straight plug, Palacio advance in front of 8 meters at the far corner, 2-0.

The first 23 minutes, Palacio left low pass, Hernanes rubs up against the last point, 布罗佐维奇 easily Tuishe succeeded, 3-0. Then Belconnen single-handedly broke the restricted area on the left Tui was Handanovic shovel out.

The first 28 minutes, Ica defender Jordi overheads are skipped, Palacio chest, stopping in front of 9 meters at the Tui volley frieze! After 1 minute, goalkeeper K- Muller bocce near Ica Ronaldinho left the restricted area Tui steals from K- Mill crotch network, 4-0. K- Muller was immediately replaced. The first 43 minutes, Mendler tuishe Handanovic cross body has been triggered.
The second half, Mancini for a set lineup, only Hernanes and Nieuwpoort Curry also remain in the field, several young players debut, Andreoli succeeded Ranocchia captain. Kicker 53 minutes to recover a point, Fischer 9 meters in front of the net to stop the ball turned and left foot fire, 1 to 4.

Tai Deer replaced Nieuwpoort library. Hole Shakespeare in applause on the spot, replacing Hernanes. Kicker finally chasing two goals. The first 85 minutes, Fisher grabbed the rebound opportunity in the penalty area, left Tui near corner succeeded, 2 to 4. The first 90 minutes, Ivan strong low shot broke the frontier closed area on the right, 3 to 4. Inter second half did not once threatening shot.

Inter Milan in the first half (4-3-1-2): 1 – Handanovic / 14- Montoya, 23, Nokia, 5 small Juan, 33- Danbu Rocio / 77- Buluozuowei Odd, 27- Nieuwpoort Curry, 10 Heikki Zupančič / 88 Hernanes / 8- Palacio, 9 Ica Jordi

The second half Inter Milan (4-3-3): 30 Carrico / 55- Nagatomo, 6 Andreoli, 56- Popa, 21 Thornton / 27- Nieuwpoort Curry (57 ‘ 19- Tai Deer), Dimaerke 93-, 31- Demi Kelly / 44- Delgado, 88 Hernanes (63’7- Hole Shakespeare), 92- Baldini