Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea had a hard time, the Premier League in the first round to face Tottenham, Van Gaal due to concerns about the state of Degea him out of the squad, while new goalkeeper Van Gundy Romero then picked stunning performance, This is undoubtedly so Degea very embarrassing. News from the “Daily Mail” said the Real Madrid plans to offer 2,500 pounds Manchester United Buy Degea again, but it still did not meet United’s asking price.

After Manchester United and Tottenham, Van Gaal was asked by reporters whether Degea also played for Manchester United’s question, very interesting replied:. “Who knows,” The problem for Real Madrid Buy, Van Gundy is He replied: “Degea in the past two or three years are the team’s best players, we certainly can not let him leave too easily can sell him only in line with the value of his offer, of course, want to leave Manchester United. him. “difficult to see, Van Gaal to leave Degea open-minded, but the only condition is that Manchester United, Real Madrid bid must meet the requirements.

The news from the “Daily Mail” said the Manchester United, Real Madrid has plans to send a 2,500 pounds offer, but this offer is sure to be rejected Manchester United, because in Van Gaal that it will not cut prices to sell Degea After the Red Devils asking price of up to 3,500 pounds, this is undoubtedly Real Madrid very uncomfortable. Factors Degea a year left on his contract, which means that Real Madrid in January next year can be contacted Degea complete freedom of contract, but the club level are more likely to complete Degea signing this summer, apparently considering not only the provincial level money.

“Daily Mail” said the Real Madrid Sanchez, general manager and broker Degea Mendes is currently jointly operating this transfer, the club level and even told the team’s coaching staff, a good place to stay for the Degea team executives hope that he will represent the team played in the first round of the Primera Liga match, Real Madrid, which means leaving time to persuade Manchester United to release only two weeks. If Degea leaving the team, Manchester United could buy Dutch goalkeeper Xilai Sen as his replacement, while the first round of outstanding long-term Romero also expected to sit tight starting position.