Italian victims in the away draw with Croatia, continue to maintain a good qualifying situation. Pirlo and veteran coach Conti was interviewed after the game, they are satisfied with the results.

Conti said: “We played a game full of character and courage, and I am happy, but we know there is work to be done players is growing, which is more important than getting the experience that we lost the ball in. On some naive, but when we are convinced that effective Chaaraoui goal, which is simply double disaster, I think it was the referee should stop blowing the game .4-3-3 formation allows me to use the men’s wing, which is what we the efforts for a solution. We use only a few days to come up with a play, you can play multiple formation is very important. I think the team’s performance in this game is good, compared with the first leg to show us more personality and desire to win, I think we can get even better results. ”

Pirlo said: “It was a difficult game, but we already know that they can play well, even if the adverse situation also did not affect us, such as the clean sheet after conceding our response is. Well, we came here to play well, so we are pleased with his performance. I always liked the game, like appeared in court and talk about the pitch and then always a lot of rumors about my move, there is Some time even too much, but I just focus on the game itself. Fortunately, I was able to enjoy the game, do not feel tired, so I will continue to play. And now I’m in the national team, so I just glory for the country will be considered, I think they will play the 2016 European Cup. “