According to “Houston Chronicle” reported that NBA awards are about to award, the name of Jonathan – Fagan gives their own predictions, he believes that James – Harden will be elected regular season MVP(cllick nba mt).

Best Rookie:

Joel – Engby may be the most sensational rookie, but he can only get the best supporting actor, after all, he only played 31 games, although averaging 20.2 points and 7.8 rebounds is very good, but after all Played 31 games, this event is not get the award.

Enby’s teammate Dario – Salici performed well, full attendance, and averaged 12.8 points and 6.3 rebounds. Milwaukee Bucks defender Malcolm – Brogundon is more stunning, but the data are not excellent for Salic.

Favorite: Brogden; final choice: Salic

Best defensive player:

Rudy – Gobert is the traditional center, he can cover, to defend, and let the jazz in the periphery of a lot of space. But Fremont – Green can do anything, and Kauai – Leonard is a suffocating outside gate.

Favorite: Green; final choice: Green

Best coach:

Spurs of Popovich are worthy of the season, but he is a bit strange. D’Antoni this season coaching effect is obvious, the team from 41 wins to 55 wins.

Favorite: D’Antoni; final choice: D’Antoni

The fastest progress:

NBA for the award to provide the standard, that is, “the most promising player”, from this point of view, Nicola – Yoki Qi is also good, but Ji’an Nice – Anto Tolgoo is already a star.

Favorite: Anto Tolgoon; final choice: Anto Tolgoon

Best Sixth Man:

Gordon and Louis – Williams are a good choice, but Gordon is the key to the progress of the rocket.

Favorite: Gordon; final choice: Gordon


Leonard is the best player in the team, Duncan retired, he led the Spurs got 61 wins, averaging 25.5 points.

However, Harden is the NBA assists, scoring second, averaging 29.1 points 11.2 assists, rebounds have 8.1, this data is Guards days.

And Wei less field are three pairs of data Needless to say, he is even more powerful than Harden’s data. But on the whole, Harden on the team to promote greater, each ball rocket to get Harden with 56.2 points, the Rockets record better than the nba 2k17 mt at nbamtcoins