According to Yahoo Sports reporter Shams Charania broke the news, this summer has just become a free agent Paul – Millsap has been with the Denver Nuggets to reach a three-year value of 90 million US dollars oral agreement(you can find at 2k18 mt). The third year of the contract is the team option.

Millsap last season in the Atlanta Hawks effectiveness, the transaction deadline he was once placed on the shelves of the public to sell, but the rice god after the All-Star play to the management of some surprise, and ultimately to stay in the inside. But this move to Millsap some lost in this summer to become a free agent, he took the initiative to contact with the team, and ultimately did not choose to contract with the owner of the Hawks.

Millsap and the Nuggets signed a lot of chasing his team feel disappointed, the Houston Rockets have been hoping to attract the rice god to increase the strength of the team inside, helpless fall short. Now the Nuggets have successfully signed Millsap, meaning that Gallinari is likely to be the object of their next step to give up.

Millsap last season were able to contribute to the Hawks 18.1 points and 7.8 rebounds and 3.6 assists and 1.3 steals, and now the eastern part of an All-Star players to the west, next season, strong trend of the West strong and more