Just past the Premier League, Chelsea lose again, which makes Mourinho’s job all the more instability. According to the British “Mirror”, “Daily Mail” and other media confirmed that Chelsea executives now have begun to consider the dismissal of Jose Mourinho, but Chelsea against Liverpool this weekend’s game, Mike Mussina probably will be the last chance of self-redemption.

Last weekend in the league, Chelsea lost 1-2 to West Ham. League just past 10, Chelsea lost as many as five games, the Blues now only 11 points the first 15 Premier League rankings. Such a bad record, let rise for Mourinho’s Chelsea gradually patience is exhausted. Poor record at the same time, Mourinho also constant “trouble child,” he’s game against West Ham, even crash the referee at halftime, which led him fined out, after the game Mike Mussina also refused to attend the news Conference, this series of events, are likely to make Mike Mussina received FA ticket again.
Bad record, off incidents continue, Mourinho apparently entered into the rhythm of the class. “Mirror,” says Mourinho Chelsea executives have lost patience, the next round of Premier League Chelsea play Liverpool (Saturday), if Mourinho continues to lose, then he will be fired. “Daily Mail” also revealed that although senior Chelsea issued a statement three weeks ago had behind Mike Mussina, but after just three weeks, Abu, who has changed his mind, and now they are careful assessment of possible dismissal Mourinho , and even dismissal in Chelsea before kick Stoke City and Liverpool this week issued a chance to redeem themselves are not even Mike Mussina.

Moreover, Chelsea executives now have even chosen the Blues fire coach. “Mirror” that Carlo Ancelotti and Hiddink marshal two are Mike Mussina possible successor. “Daily Mail” revealed that in addition to these two marshal, Guardiola and Simone, are also possible candidates would be the Chelsea job to. Ancelotti and Hiddink are currently staying at home, Chelsea is likely to let the two of them one as Chelsea’s interim coach, coach to the end of the season. Then summer again next year to elect a being from Simoni and Guardiola, as the new coach of Chelsea. It is worth mentioning that Guardiola and Bayern contract expires in the summer just to next year.

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