Paris Saint-Germain for Mary’s action to obtain a lot of progress, according to media reports, the Argentine has accepted individual contracts to provide proposals in Paris, and now to see Manchester United Sell do not sell.

“Daily Mail” said Mary Paris to offer a five-year contract, weekly earnings of £ 200,000, this and Argentine income was flat at Manchester United. And Mary is willing to accept, although had previously pledged to continue efforts at Manchester United, but now Argentina flying wing has to move to Paris full of desire
However, in order to get from Paris Mary, also approved of Manchester United. Paris proposed transfer offer is 43 million pounds, which compared to a year ago Manchester United’s 59.7 million pounds to buy the angel a lot less, the Red Devils are willing to accept lower prices, there is considerable doubt.

Previously, the Paris coach Laurent Blanc made it clear that the team of Mary interested “Yes, this is our focus (signing),” but he acknowledged that Mary will want to buy is very difficult, because there are There are other rich Premiership [microblogging] team during the competition.

Under the arrangement, Mary and Manchester United teammates are expected to embark on pre-season tour of the trip, coincidentally, on July 29 in Chicago, United’s warm-up opponents is the Paris Saint-Germain.