The first three Premier League, Manchester United 0-0 Newcastle. Red Devils winning streak was terminated without scoring game is unwinnable. Even before Manchester United winning streak can not cover up the predicament in which the attack encountered three league games only scored two goals, Rooney headed center is still not open, he is still the biggest problem of Manchester United. This difficult decision, Van Gaal in the end how the solution?

Rooney before the state does not recognize their best, but they do not care about Van Gaal still behind chubby: “As long as the team win, Rooney did not score into the relationship, he was able to self-criticism, so players are very rare, to prove that he has a sense of responsibility. “But now the question is, Manchester United began not win, face Newcastle match, the Red Devils big advantage, but only a thin final blow, the problem of weak front is particularly serious, the perhaps the only blame Rooney back of. The campaign actually Rooney is not hard, especially in the first 10 minutes, his impressive performance in the field, the first four minutes, he received Gunuzhayi forward pass, pole broke, but unfortunately offside the ʱ?? After Rooney has twice shot in the penalty area nearby, it has been the Crull confiscated.
Rooney seems that a lion is back, but no one would like but it is only short-lived, in the first 10 minutes after the completion of three foot hit the door, Rooney right again into the silence, starting center weakness also let Manchester United in the attack I encountered a problem, despite an advantage in the field, and the technical statistics are also dominant, but often to the last part, can not find that to solve the problems. Wayne Rooney from the active area of ​​the field of view, the Manchester United captain is still a great part of the time is cruising outside the area, he was in the penalty area time it is not long, and the threat made at the center position is very limited, then saying he Still I can not find the feeling of playing center. “Daily Mail” said: “Rooney is still looking for the feeling of playing nine number, and he also needs to get back confidence, there was a time, in the field we can obviously feel Rooney doubts.”

Data is often not lie, after the game, Rooney has 10 consecutive official games without scoring, and on a goal from the accumulation time has reached a staggering 858 minutes. The first occurrence of such a situation is still 10 years ago 2005/2006 season. In addition, his poor offensive efficiency is amazing, nearly 12 Premier League games and only shot on goal of the game the number of more than one second, even worse data is among the last 11 Premier League games, Rooney with only 9 shot is into Only one ball. No wonder even the famous former Premiership striker Robbie – Fowler also began to question Rooney: “Rooney in the last 20 Premier League games were only scored four goals, so this level of efficiency for Rooney players, this is obviously appalling, he feeling the need to get back as soon as the shooter. ”
Van Gaal also aware that the poor did kick Rooney center effect, he put Hernandez in the second half, Rooney returned to his more familiar position on the 10th. It is possible to continuously play center’s sake, Rooney back after the attacking midfielder position, still did not find any sense, but also to the last 15 minutes of the game, can clearly feel the decline in physical fitness of Wayne Rooney, there are some very difficult and a lot of his Feeling. Contrary Hernandez after play, he had to find a one on one opportunity to face Krul in the penalty area, but the Mexican striker nearby Tui is Newcastle goalkeeper denied the magically. “Sky Sports” said: “Just from the point of view, Hernandez performance at the center position stronger than Rooney, at least he has the feeling of playing center, capable of causing a threat in the penalty area.” And, on a Manchester United’s game against Club Brugge field, Fellaini playing just a few minutes, in a cameo on the top center position into a header, his teammates are enough to make these manifestations Rooney embarrassment.

Just this week the European Cup playoff first round, Robin van Persie scored the winning goal for the Turkish Fenerbahce, helping the team lore opponent, attracted a lot of media and fans miss England. Manchester United striker is now trapped in a situation, I wonder if there is no regret let go of Robin van Persie, if he is still in the array now, Manchester United striker might be another vice look, but everything can not be assumed. “Daily Mail” in fact already point out Manchester United’s question: “Rooney’s current physical condition has been undeniable decline, and he did not help at the center position, including the header Qiangdian ability significantly degraded, In fact, he has not fit to become a pure center, which might make him a loss. After all, Rooney still need help! “Van Gaal has repeatedly stressed that Manchester United do not need to buy a new striker, because that is his full trust in the ability of Rooney, Rooney can not solve the problem now, the entire Manchester United’s offensive problems are difficult to be resolved, as the former Red Devils biggest trump card, Rooney has now become the team’s Vital, which is something that a lot of people did not expect.