Manchester United and the American team’s warm-up match, the main goalkeeper De Gea has been frozen, it can not help but sparked media speculation.

Goalkeeper Linde Gardner and Sam – Johnstone each played 45 minutes, Van Gaal explained that Degea injured. “Degea little injury, in the preparation period, we can not take any risks.”

However, Sky Sports “News HQ” disclosure, Manchester United has been preparing for Degea leave. Press for a year just angry words on the bench, from the standpoint of the interests of the club, rather than let Degea free to leave next summer, as in cash this year, find another substitute. In addition, let Degea free transfer after the game for another year, but had to choose a backup (unless Real Madrid’s offer really unacceptable).

On price, Real Madrid have emboldened, they reasoned that only one-year contract players, should not sell too expensive. Tony – Cross spent only 25 million Euro (+500 Wan float) win, Real Madrid think Degea transactions can also be “according to side fill a prescription.” Currently, Real Madrid’s price range from 25 million to 30 million Euro (Spanish media figures, British media said only 18 million Euro), they believe, over time, people have to sell this year, Manchester United, 49 million asking price in Europe will gradually loosened.
In fact, Manchester United is also urgent to find Degea substitute, media revealed two pen tentative inquiries. British “Daily Mail” said the Red Devils to the country of Argentina Romero interest Sampdoria, but sources say the Netherlands, Ajax is looking for a new goalkeeper, because the Netherlands abroad Xilai Sen headed Manchester United . “Of course, what you hear from the media, but I have been ignored,” Xilai Sen said, “because I did not get any information from brokers.”

It can be said that Real Madrid is now fully occupied the initiative, Degea I want to go this year, not on the next year, while Navas has recovered from, and from the signed Casilla Espanyol, Real Madrid has made no sign Germany hoja also OK gesture. Manchester United, relatively speaking, a little nervous, next year let Degea free to leave the Red Devils certainly wants to see, in addition to the loss of a large transfer fee, the heart is no longer a team of people, the state and the focus should be make a question mark. Based on past experience, the case involves the interests of the club ultimately not choose “angry”, this summer most likely scenario is that Real Madrid and Manchester United in the price are give and take, finally reached a transfer agreement.