Juventus and Borussia Dortmund in St. Gallen warm-up, Juventus lost the final 2-0. Aubameyang opened the scoring, Royce broke long-range raid. Man Chu Keech, Vara, Zaza, Neto, Lu Jiani, Tello, Cherry, and many other new aid Wada La Juve played the first show.

This is the first warm-season Juventus. Man Chu Keech new aid, Vara and 18-year-old Colombian midfielder Tello into the starting, Zaza and Wada La bench, Hedi is absent because of injury. Man Chu and Morata up front, after Vara coordinate ranking. Dott coach Tuchel Weidenfeller put on the bench, Lange Mubarak has moved to Stuttgart, Bilgi served from Freiburg goalkeeper. Midfielder new aid Weigel be starting.

Dott fans occupied most of the stands, the Hornets after the opening initiative. The first three minutes, Royce and Aubameyang hit damage to the ball left the restricted area refraction, Mkhitaryan left oblique Buffon Cepu seal the far post. Subsequently Houmuxita good and Schmelzer left with low pass, Aubameyang volley angle is too Buffon confiscated.

Juve Qianchangpeihe relatively unfamiliar, Morata left barely cut into the restricted area shot missed, the far post Man Chu Keech some frustration. Mkhitaryan Lower back pass, Royce misses the far post. The first 27 minutes, Schmelzer cross from the left, Aubameyang 7 meters in front of the header was asked the beam Buffon fingertips. With Houdiwala steals Hummels, he was tipped Weigel, Vara right foot free kick higher.

Kanpur frontcourt steals the ball restricted the right oblique with teammates after kicking the wall with, Buffon saved nearly angle. The first 38 minutes, Vara left arc the ball, Man Chu Keech small frontier closed roof height! Juventus missed the chance immediately conceded the first 40 minutes, after Morata Akira Schmelzer right pass, Pishi Cech capitals out the back door, and more particularly quick counterattack, Mkhitaryan left the restricted area return , Aubameyang Road, 16 meters away from the door left foot advancing the lower right corner, 1-0.

From the first half of view, whether running or with, an earlier start of summer training Dott better than Juve, after all, this is the team’s first seven games to warm up. The second half both sides have a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčsubstitutions. The first 50 minutes, Juve right corner, Chiellini nodded the ball wide of the near post. After 2 minutes, Morata single-handedly was blown offside, but the slow motion may show misjudgment. Hoffman strongly oblique wing break was the occasional stretch denied.
Zaza replaced Man Chu Keech, but more particularly the first 64 minutes to expand the advantage, Juve corner was destroyed, after Royce field ball into the disease, Aubameyang running attract defense force, Royce shake down Bonucci broke restricted area, 11 meters in front of advancing the upper left corner, 2-0. Since then Hoffman and Aubameyang misses the far post after mating. Royce and Aubameyang was replaced, Cherry replaced Marchisio, Wada La Boge Ba replaced, but ultimately difficult to reverse the defeat Juventus.