Never ever has Madden NFL demanded significantly less of my time around the field. And by no means has it been a lot more entertaining.

And that’s the most beneficial part of Madden NFL 17: You are going to commit hours upon hours playing the game with no ever just playing the on-field game. The newest installment with the long-running football video game franchise is quickly the greatest, and that’s since it really is respectful of your game-playing time.

Every single moment in the new Madden is often a precious one particular. Developer EA Tiburon performs to make a game with tiny filler, ultimately offering up 3 meaty phases of football and daring to teach the gamer the nuances of your sport. Tedium is at its lowest levels inside a game that seeks to develop your football IQ.

That is most evident inside a revamped Franchise mode. Standard Sunday action right here is merely a slice of gameplay, as new in-week preparation drills take center stage. The quick on-field benefit of those drills is usually a statistical increase to players within the video game, but more than time, the drills also teach the fundamentals of real-life game to gamers in surprisingly digestible fashion.