In the Houston Rockets home today to 105-99 victory over the Russian city of Thunder, the total score of 4-1 cut the game, James – Harden’s playoff total score and total steals were up to the history of 82 and 62(click buy nba 2k17 mt).

The field scored 34 points, Harden’s playoff total score of 1673 points, continuous over Sam – Kassel (1656 points), Alex – Inglis (1661 points), Tom – Chancellor Sri Lanka (1662 points) and Terry – Cummins (1664 points), rose to the history of No. 82. Currently ranked No. 81 is the Lakers superstar George – McCain (1680 points).

In addition, the field Harden also sent three steals, career playoff total steals up to 130 times, beyond Shawn – Marion (128), rose to 62 points in history. There are now three people in front of Harton, namely Tsz Wan Ping, Nate – McMillan and Mark – Jackson (131). buy mt from nbamtbuy