With the Blazers lost 77-1 to the pelican on the road, the Rockets successfully locked a playoff seat. This is the Rockets for the fifth consecutive year into the playoffs, while the Rockets history into the playoffs record is 7 times. Since the 12-13 season, Harden joined, the Rockets never missed the playoffs, beard himself since entering the NBA on the playoffs every year(click nba mt coins).

Yao Ming was also the effectiveness of the Rockets, the Rockets up to only three consecutive years into the playoffs. See, since James – Harden was traded to the Rockets, the Rockets have always been a very competitive team. This season, the Rockets is the title of the strength of the title.

Up to now, the Rockets to 46 wins and 21 losses in the west third, according to BPI Basketball strength index forecast, the Rockets to keep the third rate of the West as high as 98.4%. While there is still a month or so from the end of the regular season, BPI predicts that the Rockets will have more than 90 percent of the chance to hit the Thunder or Grizzlies in the first round of the playoffs.

In addition, BPI also predicted that the Rockets in the regular season this season to obtain 56 wins, from the team history regular season wins only two games (1993-94 season, the Rockets made 58 wins). Of course, BPI that the Rockets this season, the probability of achieving 58 wins 21%, the probability of achieving 59 wins was 7%.