FIFA 16 Xbox PS4 release date is coming closer and it is actually reported that trailer of upcoming series featured highlights the movements of Argentine football player Lionel Messi obtaining new gameplay.

The newest technologies news revealed that developers of FIFA 16 have employed motion-capture technology to mimic the movements of the player by adding the No Touch Dribbling to introduce hypnotic dribbling in the game to gave a clear and refine view and much more fascinating gameplay.

The new installment is coming out with gorgeous function that permit gamers to trick, no cost up space and beat defenders with no the ball and introducing skills which is often utilized to humiliate buddies and loved ones across the nation making the game more distinctive and fascinating.

Based on reports FIFA 16 will also came up with new weapon which in a position players to battle with players through run and Messi is one particular of very best instance whilst the game has been regarded as as 1 of ideal addition from developers.

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