2015 International Cup race in California, the United States division of Levi Stadium, race, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United 3 to 1 win, Rooney, Lingard and Jianuzhayi has scored. Suarez hit the post twice, Rafinha scored a goal for Barcelona.

The two sides had the race clash 10 games, Barcelona four wins, four draws and three losses slightly the upper hand, which nearly won both times Manchester United in the Champions League final. This is Manchester United’s third pre-season warm-up matches, after two wars were won. Compared with the previous, Van Gaal deep rotation transfer rumors Degea appearance. This is Barcelona’s second pre-season warm-up match, Suarez led, Iniesta, Busquets and Pique into the starting rumors about to leave Barcelona’s Pedro still playing.

Barcelona after just three minutes almost broke Suarez restricted area arc outside the direct free kick shot hit the inside of the column on the right bounce, Degea no response. After 2 minutes, Rafinha pass, Sergio – Roberto restricted area on the right side 12 yards single-handedly shot was Degea attack confiscated. Manchester United took the lead seven minutes, Ashley – Young corner, Rooney opened the small edge of the area after secret Adriano headed home.

Barcelona controlled the ball, but Manchester United is applied to counter the threat of use. Ashley – Young forward pass, Rooney lost scoring chances go past Teershite root, but the Manchester United captain to win the small-angle pass in the corner, then he header wide following a corner. Mata pass, Ashley – Young left the restricted area arc the ball shot was again saved. Barcelona successive melee inside the restricted area, Ashley – Young and Wayne Rooney in a small restricted area before the shot were blocked.

Barcelona before halftime to force nearly equalized, Sergio – Roberto pass, Soares closed the arc turned to volley the ball rub the outside of the left post pop up. Then Pedro left the restricted area but sudden strong low pass, Suarez small restricted area before the low shot was Degea confiscated.

The second half, Rakitic off the bench. Shinaidelin forward pass, Rooney offside position skipped, offside restricted the right of Pres bench 马西普 shot was confiscated. Rakitic free kick 30 yards at a direct shot just wide. The first 61 minutes, Suarez pass left the restricted area to get rid of Blinder, Pedro forward pass, before Suarez small restricted area Tuishe was disallowed because of offside. Manchester United subsequently adjust all 11 people, Valencia injury debut.

The first 65 minutes, passing Wilson, Blackett cut into the restricted area pass in the left, before the shot broke a small restricted area unguarded Lingard, 2-0. With 后瓦伦西亚 pass, but shot wide Jianuzhayi left the restricted area near corner. The first 72 minutes, Rakitic free kick pass, Munir’s header hit the left post again. Barcelona massive pressure on Manchester United to stay out of a large offensive to space, but Gunuzhayi and Wilson were the lack of threat in the wings of the final pass.
The first 80 minutes, Alba biography, Rakitic from the far point behind Valencia Tongshe volley beyond the target. Rakitic has become a major threat to Barcelona, ​​he was blocked in a small restricted area before the shot, and then Croats and twice hit the door are peripheral Johnstone saved. Barcelona 90 minutes to save face, Sergio – Roberto pass, Rafinha volley bottom left corner edge of the area. The first 91 minutes, Lingard forward pass, after stopping to shake down Jianuzhayi turned 12 yards Baltra calm broke, 3-1.