Golden State Warriors at home to 114-98 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers, the Warriors core – Stephen Curry played 37 minutes 26 seconds, 23 voted 12 in 10 three-pointers voted 4 to get 33 points and 4 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals, state rebounded(more buy myteam points).

The game is a fierce battle for the Clippers, although the previous three encounters Warriors have won the match, but in fact did not win easily, a win 3 points, 4 points in a win, a win 7 points. It can be said, the Clippers and the Warriors did not differ much on hard power.

For Curry, the game is not good to play. He played 70 games last season, although Curry perennial punch out in advance, but Jiabu Zhu played more often, and now the library is also a little tired. The last two games, his 18 shots against the Spurs 4, Trey 12 vote 1, 17 against Minnesota he shot 6, Trey 2 of 9 shooting. Against the Clippers, Curry anxious to get back the feeling.

In fact, Curry from the beginning of the game, the performance is very good – except for pointers. Section I, Curry 4-7, where 1 in 3-pointers, in other words, two 4 from 3-point shot. But the only Curry hit three-pointers, but it is so ecstasy: the first 5 minutes 07 seconds, Baines arc not in the third, Andrew – Andrew Bogut grabbed the rebound, turned and handed it to the right moves corner of the library, while standing directly beside the library to do a cover to block the chase against the players, Curry in the absence of interference of the ball, do not stay dry hands out of direct hits.

Although one-third are not allowed, but Curry breakthroughs has been strengthened. The first section of the last 10 seconds, the Clippers hit the third, the bottom line of the ball from the library, one-stop direct break play up front, along the way, his side has a small Rivers, Jeff – Green, Crawford three large colander, not only did the three men blocked Curry’s footsteps, but as he hit the buzzer layup great background.

Section II, Curry 2 5, 3-pointers and only 1 vote, half past, Curry 6 of 12 shots, although pointers are dismal 6 shots 2, but overall hit rate is still good. Before halftime, the face of a small personal single anti Jordan, he did not see the first time Akira open opponent, then step forward crossovers pretending to be sudden, easily cheat the small Jordan’s center of gravity moved. Subsequently, Curry step back, fire hit from beyond the arc.

The second half, the Warriors collective outbreak, the overall efficiency is very high, while the Clippers ball dropped frequently. Therefore, beginning in the third quarter Curry less force – of course, also in the third quarter Curry 6 from 3 performance, seven minutes and 48 seconds Reddick steals, then advanced from the middle between the three Biography the “straight” class assists shells, it is very amazing. But on the whole, this is just icing on the cake.

After three sessions, the Warriors already 81-72 lead nine minutes, broke out shortly after the fourth quarter, the Warriors will be widened to double digits. More importantly, the Clippers looked very tired, and they have no incentive to chase points, so Curry naturally happy to idle, easily accompany you on the field for a run, brush data, in the final moments still kept hands, brush your personal data to 33 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals. But obviously this is still not very satisfied with their own library. Distal, his defense Paul was a foul, angry wrestling Curry rare braces, this also eat a technical foul, showing that the heart is still there a trace of dismay.

But the process point of view, the Clippers and the Warriors did not give too much trouble manufacturing, Clippers guard line did not give Curry makes too much trouble. Eventually, Curry face of strong enemy back feeling, played a beautiful and nice performance data, swept the first two individual shooting slump, this is undoubtedly very beneficial for him to continue his Super God play in subsequent games.visit homepage