Champions League finally settled in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, Barcelona 3-1 to Juventus, crowned the Triple Crown! Sina sports for the majority of users live video of the game, the famous commentator Zhan Jun and Liu Yue went to Berlin in front of the former striker was illustrated following is we’ve sorted out the explanation quotations.

Before the game, the scene is being theatrical performances, a very friendly atmosphere, Chan Chun can not help feeling: “! Human life must come to a Champions League final scene,” Liu Yue said: “I have seen the ball, also played ball, but I ! now still very excited, “Chan Chun went on to say:” This kind of football you’ll love “!

Barcelona quickly made a goal, Rakitic broke them 1-0 ahead, Zhan Jun said:. “Enrique told just this time did not forget there are mistakes Mascherano” Liu Yue Analysis of this goal: “Vidal did not keep an eye on Iniesta, when Neymar ball in on him extraordinary mastery moves this time Iniesta is the best.”

Macy has a continuous extraordinary first half performance, Zhan Jun quipped: “Messi had to cross the road so simple portrait, I think how over it how ever.” Liu Yue then said: “Chinese-style across the street, but also do not wait Lights. ”

Towards the end of the first half, Messi dribbling foul, Liu Yue observes: “Now this as the year of the NBA, like the others kicked the ball all to Jordan, so he hit a person.”

Messi and Neymar and Suarez hit the wall with a continuous, Zhan Jun observes: “! Start flirting between MSN with” Liu Yue then said: “The second half began to frequent transposition MSN, now Messi came to the middle, which is Enrique spot scheduling. ”

Iniesta forward pass Neymar consecutive breakthrough, although the latter did not receive the ball, but Chan Chun of the ball on Iniesta still given a very high rating: “This is what really quite ecstasy White ! ah “Liu Yue then said:” 80 percent of his attention on his teammates observed, 20 percent of the attention to the ball, you can see how strong his ball-handling skills! ”

After the score was equalized, the field was the formation of stalemate, Macy’s performance is relatively lonely, Zhan Jun quipped: “The world is still waiting for Messi Barca fans turned aliens moment, but he is still the individual category . ”

Buffon with Hou Meixi hit the door was saved, Suarez scored blank range to keep up, to rewrite the score 2-1, Liu Yue observes: “Suarez’s moves are continuous, very smart, and the final result is often the goal is not to force the ball Patrice Evra, Suarez moves, few people can keep up with, “Chan Chun continues to have the topic:.”. Look at Macy turned alien this moment! ”

The game, Messi received special care Juve players, nothing too dazzling play, Zhan Jun said:. “As long as he appeared in court, you have to arrange the other two people to serve him.”

Near the end of the game, Both coaches were substitutions adjustment, Juve Llorente replaced with a high center Morata played, Mathieu Barcelona side in the warm-up, Zhan Jun quipped: “soldiers to be blocked, water to soil cover, on you Llorente, Mathieu me on! ”

For the game’s MVP, Liu Yue chose Iniesta: “He did not flashy action, but each action to show wisdom, for a midfield players, this is the most valuable asset.” Zhan Jun Bo Geba choice is: “to comfort the Juventus fans, but not only comfort, he whole game from the beginning to the end, Juve are the best player, but also the biggest risk in the field after the Barcelona Juve want to make a difference next season, we had to leave Boge Ba ah! the game he kicked worth! ”

For Juventus, the two guides are given a high rating, Liu Yue said:. “Juve game performance is very good, some bad luck Allegri commitment, not a conservative swing coach ., also did not use anti-tactical “Zhan Jun then said:” Barcelona is also allows us to see their strengths and not just by aliens Lionel Messi willing today when green leaves around him Neymar and Suarez. We have achieved the goal. “