Barcelona is about to elect new chairman, and four candidates agreed that, even if Catalonia declared its independence from Spain, Barcelona also still have to play in the league.

Frey Issa, Bartomeu, Beineidituo, Laporta signed a document, which included a commitment to support the people of Catalonia Barcelona referendum willingness content. But against Barcelona, ​​the most practical question is: if Catalonia out of Spain, that Barca the league to play what?

In the four candidates, only Fred Isa said it was considering the possibility of the establishment of the Catalan League, “We do not know Barcelona will be participating in the Catalan League or La Liga, but in any case, in the movement ( Catalan support independent referendum), Barcelona should occupy a leading position. “Frey Issa also pointed out that if nothing unexpected happens, Barcelona in La Liga play is the most likely option.

The other three candidates agreed that Barca should still be playing in La Liga, Laporta pointed out: “I think that even if Catalonia became a nation, and we should continue to stay in the league, because it is a win-win . and let both Barcelona and Liga stronger “Beineidituo said:” I think Barcelona should not become a political role, of course, to defend the citizens of the referendum is not a political action, I know that there are tens of thousands of Barcelona Members do not support independence. ”

The latest poll shows that 42.9 percent of Catalans support independence, but there are 50 percent of people oppose independence. The former Barcelona president Joan Laporta said: “If this is the end result, that we will stand to the public while Barca have been followed public opinion..”

Prior to the Spanish Professional Football League main Xitewasi said, according to the current rules, if the Catalan independence, then Barcelona will not participate in the league. “If the Catalan independence, then follow in the rest of Spain is still effective provisions sports law, Barcelona team will not participate in the Spanish league, unless the Spanish Parliament to change the law.” Te Wasi said.

Te Wasi acknowledged that the lack of Barcelona, ​​Spain football industry will decline. Because, as a historic club, Barcelona’s absence will affect the league level. Te Wasi said: “I can not imagine not Barcelona’s Spanish Professional Football League, as I can not imagine leaving Spain, Catalonia, so I can not imagine not Barcelona in the Primera Liga.” In Te Wasi opinion independent Catalonia would create a significant problem in football inside, that is, “the league how named? the Spanish league, the Iberian league, the Spanish league or between towns?”

But the Catalan local sports groups argued that such a statement Te Wasi is to “scare” the Catalan people. They said that Barcelona wanted to where the game where the game will be, and now the President of the club several candidates have said they would continue to participate in the Spanish league. In addition, local sports groups have also questioned said: Who would believe that the Spanish Professional Football League Barcelona let go of it? Real Madrid is probably not even agree! Because one is not the biggest league rival, it is lonely boring.