Today 2016 NBA All-Star starter final poll results released – Kobe Bryant was elected current All-Star votes Wang(click buy nba 2k16 mt ).

Bryant finally got 1,891,614 votes, which is the fourth of his career when the ballot king, had three times respectively in 2003 (1,474,386 votes), 2011 (2,380,016 votes) and 2013 (1,591,437 votes). NBA All-Star history ticket king is Dwight – Howard, in 2009 he harvested as many as 3,150,181 votes, 2003 Yao Ming (2,558,278 votes) and 2010 LeBron – James (2,549,693 votes) breakdown thereafter.

In the vote Western striker, the third round is also behind Bradley Richmond – Green Cowie – Leonard overtake. Eastern voted forwards, Carmelo Anthony – beat Paul – Gasol as the starter, the latter starting last year.

All-Star starter this year is no one center players selected, only the Thunder contributed two starters.
Also worth mentioning is that last year with the Canadian government and Lori famous Hip-Hop singer Drake fueled in the last two weeks as the starting beat Wade. This year, Drake again Lori canvassing, so he beat Owen as the starter again. In addition, thanks to the support Pachulia their fans, at the last moment before the market jumped from West 8th to