The sun in the last 4 seconds with 5 points, the magic comeback, home to 109-106 win over the Celtics. Sun (21-42) for the first time this season, three straight. Eric Bredes hit the ball in the first 4 seconds before the ball to score equalizer, the audience had 28 points, 9 assists and 6 rebounds. Rookie Taylor – Julius hit the winning buzzer three points, the audience contributed 20 points and 5 assists. Devine – Booker 16 points 5 rebounds(click buy mt), TJ – Warren 14 points and seven rebounds, Alan – Williams 11 points, Marquis – Chris 10 points, 6 rebounds and 5 blocks, he once again Winning the steals. The Celtics (40-23) ends with two straight ends. Isiah – Thomas scored 35 points and five assists, Jay – Claude 16 points and 10 rebounds, Avery – Bradley missed. Teenager Jay – Brown and Terry – Rozel each had 14 points. The sun’s recent two-game winning streak is surprising. Defeated in their men are the two have the strength to enter the playoffs of the team, the Hornets and Thunder. After the sun evolved, let Chandler and Knight rest, and reuse a group of young people. Sophomore Alan – Williams, Rookie Ulysses and Derek – Jones, both played well. Winning the two games, the sun’s bench a total of 108 points, while the Hornets and Thunder’s bench add up to a total of only 45 points.

The Celtics are winning streak two games, respectively, defeated the Cavaliers and the Lakers, high morale. Thomas is the old sun, had in the Drazic and Bredo’s cracks in the hard to survive, and ultimately tragically traded. Thomas got a new life, but he would not thank the sun. After two times back here are doing well, and led his unit to win. Any team, to face Thomas will have a headache. This time, the Celtics are getting closer and closer to the East, and they do not want the sun to be a stumbling block. But the recent sun is really bad to deal with, the Celtics actually most of the time behind, and in the last section they will score beyond, but the last 4 seconds to become a joke.

The first section of the last three minutes, the Celtics came to the bench, failed to shoot again, the sun in the last 31 seconds with 4 points, the chase into the score 19-22. The sun “double gun” force, Ulysses and Alan – Williams and others also performed well, the second quarter they will score beyond. This section there are 3 minutes and 56 seconds, Thomas two free throws, the Celtics still 37-32 lead. Yulisi shot twice in a row, and Brooks also scored 4 points, the sun played a wave of 10-0, in one fell swoop to 42-37 go-ahead. Booker hit three points later, halftime, the sun to 49-42 lead(click buy 2k17 mt).

The Celtics become very passive. Section three large-scale attack, the last 1 minute 42 seconds, Luo Zel twice three points succeeded, the Celtics will chase the score 77-81. This section the Celtics scored 36 points, while the sun also had 32 points in the fourth quarter played nearly 4 minutes, the Celtics still failed to shoot, but Thomas three penalty three, this section there are 8 points 15 seconds, he was three points succeeded, the score chase into 85-86. The two teams back to the same starting line, this section there are 4 minutes and 41 seconds, Thomas and Brown have one-third succeeded, the Celtics to 93-91 beyond. The two sides lead alternately. There are 41.6 seconds when the game, Claude break layup, even with a penalty to win 3 points, the Celtics to 104-102 again lead. The sun since the shooting is not, gave the Celtics a great opportunity, but unfortunately two free throws in Brown.

Thomas in the game there are 11.9 seconds when only a penalty, the Celtics to 106-104 lead. They are not allowed to pay the price for free throws, Bradson in the game there are 4 seconds when the break layup, followed by Chris steals, Ulysses hit the buzzer three points. The last 4 seconds with 5 points, the sun magical reversal.